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Hi, I'm Amirul Mokhtar

I've been involved in Online Marketing since 2012. Since then I've managed multiple businesses of my own and helped countless of business owners grow their business through internet marketing.

I've also had the privilege of holding  multiple marketing positions in Malaysian Tech Startups such as Delyva, MatDespatch, and EasyStore.

Throughout my career in marketing and e-commerce, my favorite part has always been helping small businesses go digital.

That has led me to where I'm actively involved as a trainer and speaker for SME programs under MDEC, eUsahawan, SITEC , SME Corp and more. 


How I Help Businesses

Content & Copywriting

Want to build authority in your space through content or you just need converting copy for your website. I'm your guy. Whether it’s a sales page, landing page, blog or ads, I can create content that attracts, engages and converts.

Social Media Management

Don't do social media for the sake of social media. I'll help you to develop strategies that meet long term marketing goals, improve your branding and manage your social media profiles.

Online Advertising

Small businesses don't have the luxury to burn through big marketing budgets. I get that. I can help to make sure your business is running ads effectively and getting the most out of your advertising spend.


Some of the Businesses I've Worked With


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